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The home owners are contacted via Telemarketing, Our agents ask qualifying questions to ensure that they are a true Qualified lead. First we verify that the home is insured, Then that a homeowner will be home by the time and date of inspection, and finally confirmation that they are not under contract with any other company.

Throughout the conversation we also ask about any inspections and results to date, age and type of roof. We always try to gather as much information about the property for you without making the homeowner feel invaded. All appointments are made using your company name and are exclusive to YOU.

Our premium appointments can increase your sales and Insurance claim projects by simply seeing more qualified prospects. We have helped many businesses increase there revenues.

Roof Appointments Services. is an industry leader in Storm Damage and preset, exclusive, qualified appointments to companies through-out the US. We set preset appointments with homeowners within a target area(s) recently affected by hail, wind, or any other storm damage.

Roof Canvass List

Target a storm damaged area with your canvassers with a little more info about the homeowner other than making yourself a complete stranger that doesn't even know who to look for.


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Roof Appointments

If you are tired of canvassing and driving around on dead end leads? Then this is the best option for you, sit back and let us set up your appointments in your selected area backed by our 5 check guarantee. No dead leads with us, if at any point the homewner doesn't allow you to inspect we will gladly credit your lead back.


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Roof Contracts

Feel uncomfortable paying for uncertain results? not a problem. Try our pay per contract plan to pay for only locked down insurance contracts in your selected area, also backed by our 5 check guarantee. ONLY IN OUR SELECTED AREAS


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